Check 5 enchanting wedding traditions from around world

Wedding traditions: The belief is that if you adhere to these wedding customs, you will discover eternal happiness with your soul partner. Therefore, hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end, even if some Hindu brides must first marry a tree or some South Korean grooms must put up with getting their feet spanked by family and friends. When love and a happily ever after are the results, it’s typically a win-win situation for the newlyweds.

To give you a sense of the myriad customs that go far beyond the bouquet throw, continue reading to learn about 5 of the most amazing ceremonies from around the world.

1. Armenia: Balance Bread 

Do you want to protect your marriage from evil spirits? You shoulder a flatbread made of lavash. Traditionally, newlywed Armenian couples behave in this manner. The bride and groom are traditionally given lavash and honey by the groom’s mother when they enter their wedding reception, which is normally held at the groom’s home. They consume spoonful of honey to represent happiness and balance bread on their shoulders to fend off evil before the party truly gets going.

2. India: Joota Chupai

An Indian bride’s sisters and female relatives steal the groom’s shoes on the wedding day in a custom known as “Joota Chupai” and demand money as ransom for their safe return. That is one way to make things more exciting!

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3. China: Bow and Arrow

Hopefully, the groom will remember to take the arrowheads out. To assure that his love would survive forever, a prospective husband in China will shoot his bride multiple times with a bow and (headless) arrow. He will then gather the arrows and break them during the ceremony.

4. Japan: A White Tsunokakushi

A Japanese bride participating in a traditional Shinto ritual dons all-white attire, including makeup, kimonos, and a hood known as a “tsunokakushi,” on her wedding day. Her status as a maiden is indicated by the colour white, and the hood conceals the so-called “horns of jealousy” she harbours for her mother-in-law.

5. Mexico: Wedding Lasso

A “lazo,” or lasso, made of rosary beads and flowers is placed around the shoulders of a Mexican couple as they exchange vows during the ceremony, forming a figure-eight configuration. The couple’s union is symbolised by “el lazo,” and the phrase’s shape, which resembles the infinity symbol, also conveys their hopes for the duration of the marriage.

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