APIIT Law School kicks off 2023 with an International Law Symposium

The International Law Symposium 2023 organised by the Research Hub of APIIT Law School was held on 12th January 2023 at APIIT Law School Premises. President’s Council – Mr. Saliya Pieris, President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, Mr. Bandula Egodage, Chairman of APIIT Sri Lanka, Dr. Chathura Warnasuriya, Head of APIIT Law School graced the occasion.

With the theme – “Research and Reform in the face of the Global Economic Crisis, Social Unrest, and Vulnerabilities.”; the Symposium was organized to grow a research culture at APIIT Law School and facilitate discourse and collaboration among researchers and young lawyers.

Mr. Saliya Pieris, PC in his keynote address stated that “the truth is that the economic crisis was precipitated by a failure of governance in our country and the failure of this nation’s independent institutions. It is the failure of governance which has resulted in a bloated and largely inefficient public sector, rampant corruption, politicisation of vital sectors such as the public service and the police.”

He further elaborated with examples of failure of governance: He pointed out the plight of Sri Lanka’s Constitution which went through 20 amendments within a span of 44 years. In contrast the Constitution of the United States has been amended only 37 times in its history of 234 years. Many of Sri Lanka’s Constitutional Amendments have been passed for political expediency, with the same Members of Parliament voting to create and repeal legislation over a series of consecutive amendments. The example being the Constitutional Council created by the 17th Amendment, abolished by the 18th, restored by the 19th, abolished again by the 20th, and restored once again by the 21st.

The International Law Symposium 2023 provided a stage for young researchers to showcase their work and engage in vibrant debate and discussion, fully bringing to life the APIIT moto – Inspire Love for Learning.


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