Andy Cohen Drops First-Ever Live F-Bomb on WWHL -- See What TikTok Trend Triggered Him

Andy Cohen has gotten worked up on his show before, but it’s usually his guests that get him fired up on “Watch What Happens Live.” On Tuesday night, though, he didn’t need anyone’s help to drop his first-ever f-bomb live on the air.

Luckily for Andy, and Bravo, his censors were on the job and the slight delay was in effect, so the offending word didn’t quite make it over the airwaves. It nevertheless left Andy momentarily stunned — though not enough to derail his (scripted?) rant.

It all went down over a viral TikTok trend that is not sitting well with Andy at all. In fact, he made the trend his “Jackhole of the Day,” which he said he was giving to the trend “where people pull a hilarious prank by telling their parents a famous celebrity has suddenly died.”

The problem for Andy is that people have been sending him video of them pranking their parents by telling them he was dead. “I am scared enough of dying in reality without having to watch bizarre simulations of it over and over again,” he said.

He certainly appeared to be reading from a script before and after the big moment, but he clearly got worked up just enough to go off-script for one moment with the next line.

“So let me be clear,” he said. “Don’t make, distribute or tag me in any f——” At this point, he gasped, clasping his hands over his mouth … but only for a second. In fact, he picked up mid-sentence and finished his thought, “Andy Cohen death reaction videos, you freaks. Why is this even a thing, it’s not even funny?”

Honestly, it would have been funnier had he dropped the scripted monologue and fully embraced the madness that had just spilled from his mouth. He could have gotten back around to finishing his thought, but by barely breaking stride, we didn’t get to revel in the moment as much as we’d have liked.

Kudos to Deadline, though, for digging deep into the archives for another “Jackhole of the Day” moment that was all about Andy’s hard-working censors. At least, they were working double-, triple-, and quadruple-time when “Vanderpump Rules” stars Lala Kent and James Kennedy were guests.

Both of them dropped so many curse words that large swaths of the show were utterly incomprehensible behind the silence. Andy was growing more and more agitated as it went along, finally declaring both of them his “Jackholes of the Day.”

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