Adam Scott Confronts Boy Meets World Stars for 'Awkward Interactions' That Bugged Him for Nearly 30 Years

It’s been nearly 30 years since Adam Scott appeared on “Boy Meets World” in a guest starring role that spanned just four episodes — but something that happened to him on set back in the day has been bothering him for decades.

Scott, who took over the role of Griff for Seasons 2 and 3 of the TGIF series in the mid-’90s, appeared on the Pod Meets World podcast with Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle this week and confronted them — Rider in particular — over a perceived snub that happened after Season 2 wrapped filming.

“I get to finally ask Rider about this thing. I don’t know if you remember this, Rider,” he began, as Fishel joked she was “on the edge of my seat.”

“Literally, this has been tugging at me for 29 years,” he continued, explaining that after they all wrapped the last scene of the season, the cast and crew all began celebrating, hugging and high-fiving each other.

“I go, ‘Hey, congratulations buddy,’ and I give you a high five and I go in and hug you and as I do that, you push me off and give me this look like, ‘Who the f– are you?’ and then you run away,” Scott said of Strong’s alleged behavior at the time.

“Are you serious?! Why would I do that?!” exclaimed Strong, who added, “That doesn’t sound like me at all. I’m generally a hugger!” Scott said he was “so glad” Rider didn’t recall the interaction — saying that meant, “to some extent … it wasn’t a traumatic experience.”

“He was this little kid and I was this stranger grown up … again, I had no idea what I was supposed to do,” added Scott, who was in his 20s at the time, while Rider and Danielle were in their teens. “It seemed like we were all supposed to be joyous and hug each other. Oh god, it was horrifying. That’s such a relief. I remember being surprised I got the call to be in Season 3 two months later because of that. It’s so funny. I’m so happy.”

After sharing how Blake Sennett and Ethan Suplee pranked him into sharing a “super dirty joke” to a “conservative” crew member, Scott then addressed a rumor he heard about Fishel as well.

“I read some message board — this is early days of Internet — there was some message board, AOL probably, and I remember going on there and just being so thirsty for any recognition or anyone knowing I was on television. I think I read somewhere, someone said, ‘Well I heard that Topanga doesn’t like Griff,'” he said.

“I think what you heard was I told someone [at school] that no one likes you,” Fishel clarified, as Scott said that was what he heard. “I can guarantee you, was not true. Nobody didn’t like you,” she told him, adding that it wasn’t normal for her to talk about the show off set.

Scott was happy to hear that as well, adding, “there was a little bit of a thrill to it because I was being talked about on the Internet in reference to the show I was on.”

Earlier in the episode, the trio of OG stars revealed they felt Scott was in the “cool kids” group on set, after he quickly bonded with also-older guest stars Sennett and Suplee. “You were instantly part of the gang that let me know I wasn’t invited to the party,” said Friedle, “I look back to it as like, he was too cool for me to even walk up to and be like, ‘Hey, welcome to the show.'”

Of course, that’s not how Scott saw the situation at the time.

“They were the first ones to come up and talk to me. They were fellow guest stars, so I felt more comfortable talking to them because it was lower stakes. I do remember 100% being way too nervous to go up to you guys and talk to you,” he shared. “I know that Ethan and Blake felt the same, I know they were also more nervous and watching themselves around you guys.”

“From our perspective it was completely inverted,” added Strong, who recalled Scott seeming cool and confident on set. “The fact that you were nervous is just mind-blowing to me!”

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