91-year-old woman fell in love with young boy, got married; During honeymoon…

An older woman falling in love with a younger boy is not uncommon. Where does age come into play in romantic relationships? But consider the difference 68 years may make between a boy and a girl. Love has to have an age restriction. However, a marriage in Argentina defied all age norms. A 23-year-old lad married a 91-year-old woman in this town. Whoever heard this had his senses completely blown away. However, the youngster was unable to spend his honeymoon with his previous wife due to a controversy. Let us recount the amazing story of shocking love that has gone viral yet again…

Despite the fact that the story is relatively old, this story of love and assistance is once again going viral. In Argentina, a 91-year-old woman lived at the home of a friend. The friend’s financial situation was such that the old lady used to aid the friend with her pension. The woman’s friend’s 23-year-old son was a law student.

The elderly lady was aware of her friend’s financial situation. He liked the boy of 23 years at that age when his death could come at any time. The elderly lady in front proposed to the boy. She stated that if he marries her, she will pay for all of his educational expenses.

The woman also explained the entire equation to him. She stated that as long as I am living, I will contribute to my pension. You will receive a pension even after my death because you will be my husband. The young man, who was poor, accepted this quickly and married without hesitation. But something happened on their honeymoon, and the boy ended up in jail.

Actually, the woman died on the bed while being physically active on her honeymoon. When the youngster contacted the pension department after the last rites, officials registered a case of cheating on him. They said that the boy married because he was greedy for the woman’s property and money.

When the cops arrived to arrest him, he informed them about his love tale. Even the cops were taken aback when they heard this. The boy escaped from jail in this episode, which occurred in November 2018.

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