45-year-old Biotech CEO spends $2 million to achieve 18-year-old body

New Delhi: Bryan Johnson, Biotech CEO at Los Angeles-based neurotechnology company Kernel, wanted to turn back as an 18-year-old and make his body joints as earlier. And for the same, the 45-year-old is working with medical experts to reduce his body age with an experiment named “Project Blueprint”.

Recently on Twitter, he tweeted to show success in reducing his body age by 5.1 years. Around 30 doctors and scientists were working on his body for last two years and finally achieved success.

According to reports, he is about to spend $2 million on his body. He wants all the body parts of an 18-year-old including the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, penis, and rectum.

2 yrs of Blueprint:
.5.1 yrs epigenetic age reversal (world record)
.slowed my pace of aging by 24%
.perfect muscle & fat (MRI)
.50+ perfect biomarkers
.100+ markers < chronological age
.fitness tests = 18yr old
.Body runs 3F° cooler

Available to all: https://t.co/Ye5mQPH9NH

— Bryan Johnson (@bryan_johnson) January 18, 2023

For this, he starts his day at 5 am, which involves having exactly 1,977 vegan calories per day and undertaking high-intensity exercise. Plus, he suffers from a painful medical procedure and after the test, he evaluates the result of the procedure with some extra tests.

He measures every inch of his body from 33,000 photos of his bowel’s length to his eyebrows to keep the progress report. The regenerative medicine physician Oliver Zolman who is just 29 years old heads the project.

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