40 Celebrities Who Love To Show Off Their Adorable Pets

Celebrities are just like everybody else — they get a pet and become obsessed with them. From dogs to cats to even some unique companions, these celebrities love to show off their animal best friend.

Read on to see 40 stars who love to show off their adorable pets!

1. Ariana Grande and Toulouse

Ariana Grande has way too many dogs to count, but the most famous and obvious favorite of hers is Toulouse. The beagle-chihuahua mix has quite a Cinderella story since being adopted by the “Thank U, Next” singer in 2013. He was on the cover of Vogue with Grande, has made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and even starred in ads for the designer brand, Coach. You can also spot Toulouse in the background of many of the “Positions” singer’s photos, including in one of her wedding shots.

2. Billie Eilish and Shark and Pepper

Billie Eilish adopted a pit bull named Shark when he was just a puppy from the Angel City Pitbulls shelter in Los Angeles. The “Bad Guys” singer also has a family dog named Pepper, who even has its own Instagram (@pepperoconnelll).

3. Zendaya and Noon

Zendaya is not only an actress and fashion icon, but also a dog mom. She’s the proud owner of Noon, a black schnauzer. On the “Euphoria” actress’ Instagram, you can find birthday posts dedicated to Noon as well as various photos of him living his best life.

4. Taylor Swift and Meredith Grey

Taylor Swift is a self-proclaimed cat lady, and her friends will back that up. She has three cats that fans know by name: Benjamin Button, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. As Swift posts about the latter the least often, fans became concerned when the cat had not made a social media appearance in months. In response, the “Anti-Hero” singer posted a video to social media that showed her holding up Meredith, explaining that the cat hates getting her picture taken. Then, there was a montage of photos showing a very disgruntled and annoyed Meredith.

5. Serena Williams and Laurelei

Serena Williams has multiple dogs, but Laurelei was her oldest. The small, white pup recently passed away at 18 years old right before Williams attended her last U.S. Open. She wrote a tribute on Instagram saying, “Lauerlei sadly took her last breath yesterday. I am sad but happy for all the time and all the extra I got to spend with her. She lived a long long life. The last year and a half was a bonus. She got to get anything she ever wanted and she was biting toes till the end. Literally. She LOVED chicken and acrobatics. She was the smallest yet toughest little pup and I will miss her… so much. 💔truly the end of an Era.”

6. Camila Cabello and Tarzan and Thunder

Camila Cabello loves herself some labradors. The “Havana” artist has two: Tarzan and Thunder. Tarzan even has his own Instagram (@tarzanadog). Cabello got Tarzan while she was still in her relationship with Shawn Mendes. The former couple shared the dog, and when they split, fans questioned who would keep Tarzan. It seems the “Never Be The Same” singer won that battle.

7. BTS and Their Pets

Every member of BTS has pets. The oldest member Jin even has a sugar glider. However, the two most famous dogs of the band are Holly and Yeontan. Holly is Suga’s toy poodle, and the artist is a proud dog dad, commonly mentioning Holly in their variety shows and showing her off on Instagram. Yeontan is band member V’s black and tan pomeranian. Fans love when the pup makes an appearance whether it be on social media, v-lives, or cameos in short videos at their concerts.

8. Jennifer Aniston and Clyde

Jennifer Aniston has multiple dogs: Clyde, Chesterfield, and Sophie. However, it can be argued that Clyde is the obvious favorite as he shows up the most on her Instagram and has an animated version of himself that posts on a verified Instagram and TikTok. His Instagram bio on @callmeclydeo even reads: “Best friend of @jenniferaniston.”

9. Meghan Thee Stallion and 4oe

Meghan Thee Stallion has a french bulldog named 4oe. 4oe has quite a following herself, as she made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” with the “Body” rapper, and has her own Instagram (@frenchie4oe).

10. Hilary Duff and Izzy

Hilary Duff is not only a mom, but also a dog mom. She has so many dogs, it is hard to keep count. However, the most recognizable is her golden retriever Izzy. Based on this photo, Izzy and some of her siblings definitely love spending time with their mom as Duff’s photo is captioned “fan club.”

11. Lucy Hale and Elvis and Ethel

Everyone loves to do something extra for their pets, and Lucy Hale is no different. She has two dogs, Elvis and Ethel. The eldest, Elvis celebrated his birthday earlier this year and “The Pretty Little Liars” star put both her pups in some party hats. In her caption, she thanks Elvis for being her best friend for the last 6 years, a comic contrast since Elvis and Ethel don’t seem amused by their hats.

12. Sophie Turner and Porky Basquiat

The most creative name giver goes to Sophie Turner. Turner and her husband Joe Jonas have many dogs, but the most well known is Porky Basquiat, a Alaskan Klee Kai. Porky even has his own Instagram where you can find old photos of the celebrity dog (@porkybasquiatjonas).

13. Priyanka Chopra and Diana

It seems to be a trend for celebrities to give their dogs Instagrams, and Priyanka Chopra did not miss out. Her dog Diana also has her own account where she posts day to day life and pictures with her owner. You can follow her on @diariesofdiana.

14. Nick Jonas and Gino

When they got married, Priyanka brought Diana and Nick brought Gino. Gino is an active German Shepherd who is also in the spotlight. His Instagram account @ginochoprajonas shows his day to day life, with the adorable bio “my daddy’s a rockstar!”

15. Selena Gomez and Winnie and Daisy

Selena Gomez has two adorable dogs with adorable names, Winnie and Daisy. Winnie is the oldest, and Daisy was brought into the family during COVID quarantine. Selena definitely made the most out of her pandemic experience.

16. Bella Hadid and Blue

Before she was modeling, she was riding horses. Bella Hadid loves the farm animal and has some of her own. Her most beloved is Blue who can be spotted on her Instagram.

17. Chrissy Teigen and Pablo

Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend are the owners of multiple dogs (fun fact: all their names begin with P). However, fans are most familiar with Pablo the bulldog because of his beginning moments with the family. When Pablo was first introduced to the family, everyone pronounced his name differently, and Legend refused the name “Paul.” Don’t worry though, all of her other dogs get plenty of screen time on her Instagram.

18. Miley Cyrus and Her Dogs (And So Many More)

Miley Cyrus is probably the ultimate animal parent of Hollywood. She currently has eight dogs named Angel, Barbie, Happy, Bean, Emu, Kate Moss, Tani and Daisy, a pig named Puddles, two Horses named Pumpkin & Dumplin and three Cats named Lilo, Kiki and Harlem. How does she keep track?

19. Katy Perry and Nugget

Nugget has been by Katy Perry’s side forever, as she used to take the dog everywhere, even on tour. The toy poodle is absolutely precious, and her name is justified because she is both the color and nearly the size of a chicken nugget. You can follow her Instagram @missnuggetperry

20. Lady Gaga and Asia, Koji, and Gustav

Famous for once being stolen, Lady Gaga has three french bulldogs. She loves them dearly and offered a $500,000 award when Koji and Gustav were taken away. Luckily, they have been safely returned. Asia even has her own Instagram (@missasiaxoxo), where one can watch all the puppy shenanigans.

21. Hailee Steinfeld and Brando

Hailee Seinfeld’s family got a little bigger this year. Back in March, she got a Yorkie named Brando and posted on Instagram. The internet was immediately in love with the little guy.

22. Shawn Mendes and His Furry Friend

Though Tarzan may not be as prominent in his life anymore, Shawn Mendes is still a dog dad. There are multiple videos of him playing with this black and tan pup, for now whose name remains a mystery. Fun fact: Shawn Mendes used to be allergic to dogs. Glad to see he has grown out of his allergy.

23. Drew Barrymore and Lucky and Douglas and Lucy

Usually, someone is a dog person or a cat person, but Drew Barrymore is both! She has two dogs, Douglas and Lucy. She also has a cat named Lucky, who apparently loved to snuggle.

24. Lily Collins and Redford

Emily in Paris does not have a pet, but the woman who plays her onscreen, Lily Collins, does. The actress has a super close bond with her dog, Redford. Based on her Instagram, Redford is down for anything, whether it is a trip to Yosemite or just snuggling with his owner.

25. Matthew Perry and Alfred

Since the ’90s sitcom “Friends,” Matthew Perry has made some new pals, including a human’s best friend. A couple years ago he got a doodle named Alfred. Alfred definitely enjoys the star life and probably a great substitute for Joey and Ross.

26. Kaley Cuoco and Her Many Pets

Kaley Cuoco is also a celebrity who is a pet mom at heart. Her Instagram is even the dog logo of Norman Productions. She has multiple dogs and horses. Her small dog will sometimes even accompany her to set, and in 2021, she adopted a 9 year old senior dog named Larry. How sweet!

27. Kristen Bell and Muppet

Kristen Bell has had many pets, and sometimes even refers to her dogs as muppets. Ironically, in 2017 she fostered a terrier mix named Muppet. Muppet got a taste of the star life cuddling with the “Frozen” actress as she read scripts on her porch.

28. Jojo Siwa and Bowbow

While she has gone through some style changes, there could not be a more perfect name than Bowbow for Jojo Siwa’s dog. What an adorable reminder of the “Dance Mom’s” star original trademark hairstyle, and it’s even more adorable that their names rhyme.

29. Lizzo and Poke

Lizzo’s heart was stolen by an adorable rescue dog named Saba. The “About Damn Time” singer adopted Saba from Underground Pet Rescue of Wisconsin, and renamed her Poke while on tour. She posted multiple Instagram Stories the day it was made official, but Poke has mostly stayed out of the limelight since.

30. Cardi B and Fluffy

Cardi B is extra, and the treatment of her dog, Fluffy is no exception. As seen from this Twitter post, Fluffy gets to celebrate her birthday in style, decked out in pink. Fluffy can also be found on Cardi B’s Instagram in the background of photos with Kulture and Offset.

31. Charlie Puth and Brady and Charlie

Charlie Puth is another pop singer who loves dogs. Unfortunately, before passing away in May, Brady, a King Charles cavalier could regularly be seen on the “Attention” singer’s Instagram. Charlie also has a black lab named Charlie — name twins!

32. Kate Hudson and Wally

Kate Hudson and her dog Wally are absolutely adorable. The “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” actress does not miss an opportunity to show him off, whether it is him snuggling with her on the couch or “endorsing” her athletic-wear line, Fabletics.

33. Lana Condor and Emmy and Timmy

Lana Condor loves her dogs so much that with almost every photo of them snuggling together, she captions the post “my happy place.” The “To All The Boys I Loved Before” actress shares two dogs, Emmy and Timmy with her fiancé Anthony De La Torre.

34. Kendall Jenner and Pyro

Kendall Jenner has a strong but adorable doberman named Pyro. Pyro is definitely a gentle giant as the supermodel will dress him in hoodies, and he is usually seen with her during her various coffee and food outings.

35. Reese Witherspoon and Hank, Lou, Minnie Pearl, and Major

Just like Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon is a dog person. However, she doesn’t just have one “BFF Bruiser Woods”, she has four. The “Legally Blonde” actress has four dogs named Hank, Lou, Minnie Pearl, and Major. Her french bulldog also makes an appearance in her latest children’s book “Busy Betty.”

36. Justin Bieber and Oscar

Justin Bieber has no problem snuggling with his cute pup, Oscar. Oscar is commonly seen lounging in his owner’s bed or posing for a social media post when the “Yummy” singer announces his newest project.

37. Hailey Bieber and Sushi and Tuna

In addition to Oscar, Hailey and Justin Bieber have cats in their family. Originally these felines caused some controversy with their breed being banned in multiple US states, but all seems to be cleared up because Sushi and Tuna (what a cute theme) have one of the few active celebrity pet Instagram accounts (@kittysushiandtuna).

38. Kim Kardashian and Sushi and Soba

There’s definitely a theme with these two dog names. When Kim Kardashian first got the two pups, there was debate about what their names would be. Sushi and Soba were definitely good choices.

39. Yara Shahidi and Win

Yara Shahidi got her first pet sibling with the adorable pup Win. The “Grown-ish” star gave him a 1 year gotcha day anniversary post on her Facebook, and the dog clearly gets lots of love between Shahidi’s acting career and studying.

40. Nicole Richie and Speedy

Most people have cats or dogs or even horses, but Nicole Richie has a lizard. The reptile is named Speedy, and the bearded dragon is definitely living the celebrity life getting Instagram posts dedicated to him and meeting other A-listers like Meghan Thee Stallion.

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