‘You can’t see a woman more than her body’: Ebanie Bridges

New Delhi: Female boxer Ebanie Bridges is in limelight these days for her outspoken speech. The 35-year-old blonde bomber became the world champion earlier this year by defeating Maria Roman in Leeds. However, when her fans talk about her revealing clothes and outfits, she gets angry. She has also expressed her anger on social media several times regarding this. During a recent interview, when the reporter questioned her about the outfit, Bridges took off her T-shirt on camera.

‘You cannot see a woman more than her body’

A while ago, while replying to a troll on Twitter, she wrote, ‘Don’t worry, you are not the only person who cannot see a woman more than her body.’ Everyone shuddered at the sight of Ebony Bridges’ punches, but recently she surprised everyone by taking off her t-shirt in response to a question from a reporter.


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 Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges

Female boxer Ebony Bridges is a resident of Australia and she is going will seen in a movie soon. Bridges is a famous female boxer. She often makes headlines for her clothes during fights.

Bridges won world championship

Ebony Bridges, who defeated female boxer Maria Roman to win the world championship in 2017. She has then said that she can box and beat anyone. Her comment soon became a matter of discussion.

Took off the t-shirt and showed the tattoo

Ebony Bridges has defeated her own country’s boxer Shannon O’Connell this month. When the female boxer was asked about her health, she took off her T-shirt and showed her tattoo.

The interviewer was kind enough to blur this for the public, the uncensored version has been sent out to all my fans though…https://t.co/3LV38kL9Oc pic.twitter.com/jQS83ksQm0

— Blonde Bomber (@EbanieBridges) December 22, 2022


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