Wife died after a phone call, husband had said this…

A startling example has emerged from Banda, Uttar Pradesh. A husband made a phone call and told his wife something that forced her give up her life. The case is from the Palani Dera neighbourhood where the body of a married woman was discovered hanging from a tree not far from the residence. The family members promptly notified the police.

When police arrived, they took the dead body into custody and transported it for a postmortem. The deceased’s relatives claim that their son-in-law warned their daughter over the phone that he would remarry. His daughter died by suicide as a result of this.

Gulab Singh, the deceased’s father, stated that his daughter was married three years ago in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district.

Since their marriage, the son-in-law has tortured his daughter. Disgusted by this, his daughter began living in her maternal house a few days ago. Even yet, the son-in-law continued to contact and threaten his daughter.

On Sunday, the son-in-law called the daughter and announced his intention to divorce her and marry another woman.

Body discovered hanging from a tree near a farm

The deceased’s father stated that his daughter could not stand his son-in-behavior. law’s She went to bed with her infant daughter. When he discovered that his daughter was not at home on Monday morning, everyone began hunting for her. Then the villagers notified the relatives that their daughter’s body was found hanging from a tree near the farm.

Postmortem of deceased’s body

The relatives promptly alerted the police after receiving this information. When the police arrived, they took the deceased body into custody and sent it for a postmortem. While grieving, the deceased’s father stated that he never imagined his daughter would take such a drastic move. What will become of his young child now?

Case filed against husband

On the other side, station in-charge Kuldeep Kumar stated that a case has been filed against the deceased’s husband. The post-mortem report is currently being anticipated. More action is being taken. The accused husband will be questioned.

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