WATCH: Female student marries 22 years older teacher in Bihar

New Delhi: Do you  remember Julie and her professor Matuknath’s love affair. The love of a girl student with her professor not only broke a family, but also caused an uproar in the society. A similar case has come to the light from Samastipur. Here a girl student fell in love with her teacher who is 22 years older than her. The teacher used to teach her in the coaching. None of them seem to care about repercussions from their family or from the society. The girl went to a temple and took seven rounds with the teacher.

Student falls in love with the older teacher

A crowd gathered at Rosda Bazar in Samastipur on Thursday (December 8) on seeing a girl marrying an older man. Actually, a 20 year old girl was marrying her 42 year old teacher. People around became witnesses of this marriage. Some made a video of this marriage and made it viral. Sangeet Kumar has opened coaching in Rosda Bazar. A girl named Shweta Kumari used to come there to study English. They both fell in love. After which both went against the family members and got married.

न उम्र की सीमा हो, ना जन्म का हो बंधन..

– बिहार के समस्तीपुर में 42 साल के संगीत कुमार को 20 साल की छात्रा श्वेता कुमारी से प्यार हो गया।
– लड़की संगीत कुमार के कोचिंग में इंग्लिश पढ़ने आती थी। वहीं, दोनों में प्यार शुरू हुआ।
– अब दोनों ने राजी खुशी विवाह से विवाह रचाया है।

— Shubhankar Mishra (@shubhankrmishra) December 10, 2022

Both lived in the same neighborhood

After this, they reached the court and got their marriage registered so that this marriage gets legal recognition. This is the teacher’s second marriage. The teacher’s wife had died many years ago. The biggest thing is that the distance between the two houses is very less. Both live at a distance of 800 meters. What stand the girl’s family members are taking regarding this marriage, its information has not yet come to the fore. But discussions of this marriage are definitely happening all over the city.


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