Viral Wedding! Twin sisters get twin grooms, marry in same mandap, identical attires

There is a significant amount of talk about a wedding in Bardman, West Bengal. The marriage of twin sisters and twin brothers took place in Kurmun village. Whether by chance or design, twin sisters born at the same time and raised together will end up living in the same house with the same husband. Their wedding went place in the same mandap at the same time. Arpita and Parmita live next door to one other. Arpita is a few minutes older than Parmita, yet they have grown up together.

Arpita and Parmita attended the same school and college, graduated together, and travelled extensively together. They claim, “We both grew up together since childhood. As a result, we desired that the wedding take place in the same house. We informed our parents, and they immediately began looking for twin boys.”

Gaurchandra Santara, the twin daughters’ father, works in a nearby factory. When he learned of the daughters’ wishes, he began looking for such twin boys.

Twin sisters get Luv-Kush

The twin grooms were found in Kurmun village, where Luv and Kush live. They are also twin brothers who were looking for girls to marry.

Gaurchandra claims, “I met their family and finalised the marriage. Arpita and Parmita also appreciated this relationship. The fortunate date for marriage was December 5th. They were married in the same mandap and in the same attire. The twin brothers in the mandap appeared to be identical and the brides are like shadows of each other. It appeared as if a mirror was placed between them when they were standing in front of each other.”

Looking for such brides

Luv and Kush are both employed by the same company. Their families claim that when Arpita and Parmita’s marriage proposal arrived, they were overjoyed. They, too, were looking for such a partnership.

At the wedding, the twin brothers and sisters wore identical costumes. This marriage is still the hot topic in Burdwan. Everyone is wishing them well in their new life.

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