Vastu Tips: Check out 8 colours which are perfect for home exterior

Vastu Tips: According to Vastu principles, wall colour treatment is extremely important for balancing our body, mind, and spirit while lowering stress and bad energy. Different places will benefit from the vitality that colours help to offer, and the home and its occupants will benefit as well. Other colours are associated with certain rooms and directions in your home according to Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu colours for the home exterior, the proper colours can draw healing energy into your living area and even your home office.

Vastu experts advise choosing colours based on the amount of energy needed in each area of your home. The colour you choose for a particular section of your house depends on the rooms and the direction. According to Vastu colours for the home outside, making appropriate colour choices will help you a lot in preserving positivity and zest in your life and removing bad omens.


According to Vastu, the colour blue is associated with beauty and can be a calming colour for big areas. For your home, a paler shade of blue is a wise choice. It will draw divine energy and ensure that your buddies will always be by your side.


Who wouldn’t desire optimism? According to Vastu’s colour for the home outside, yellow will bring a lot of positivity and happiness into the lives of individuals who reside there. People who want to advance in their careers should paint their homes yellow because it attracts success and prosperity.


The colour green stands for tranquilly, growth, and nature. The colour green will aid to bring optimism to your property and will look cleaner than any other colour, according to Vastu rules for external home colours.


White exterior paint is the finest option as Vastuastu colours for the home exterior if you want to prevent disagreements in your home or office.


Orange will not let you down if you select it as one of the greatest ideal Vastu colours for your home’s external walls. As per Vastu colours for the exterior of a home, the vibrant colour not only looks fantastic but also radiates warmth and happiness.


Purple is one of the recommended Vastu colours for external home decor since it denotes wealth and dignity.


The greatest colour choice for your home will be brown beige if you want it to be cosy and peaceful.


A home that is a beacon for love is painted pink. According to Vastu, you should make sure to paint your home’s external walls a pale shade of pink.

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