Vaastu Tips: Here are best 10 photos that can place in bedroom according to Vastu

Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra, a classic Indian architectural discipline, discusses a number of guidelines about the placement of photographs in bedrooms. Many individuals buy brand-new paintings and hang them without taking the Vastu directions into account. The same can be said for family portraits and images. Anyone who wishes to hang or arrange images in their bedroom should pay attention to the following advice.

1. Radha Krishna Painting 

Couples should place a portrait of Radha Krishna on the wall of their bedroom. The painting shows unadulterated love and can improve peace between two people who live together. Make sure the painting is hung facing the room’s southwest corner.

2. Water Element Pictures 

You can hang pictures of water features on the north wall of the bedroom, per the Vastu photos for house plans. On any other bedroom wall, you shouldn’t hang images of a body of water.

3. Family Photographs 

Keeping family photos on your bedroom’s southwest wall is advised by vaastu images. This will improve the bonds within families. Avoid displaying family portraits in the bedroom’s northeast or east corner.

4. White pair of birds

Hanging a picture of a pair of white birds in your bedroom is one of the best Vastu recommendations you can receive. The pair of birds will undoubtedly promote harmony and tranquilly within the family.

5. Evil paintings

Do you have any images that evoke a bad feeling? Never hang any images of the devil, evil, or ghosts in the bedroom. If you do possess such images, it would be advisable to get rid of them completely.

6. War Paintings

Vastu Shastra advises against displaying upsetting images in the bedroom. Your heart may feel lonely after viewing an artwork of an isolated person or animal. Similarly, a picture of a conflict should be taken out of the bedroom because it could lead to disagreements among the occupants.

7. Pictures Depicting Fire

According to Vastu, you should never put pictures of the fire in your bedroom. Fire is a destructive symbol and shouldn’t be kept in the bedroom. Avoid hanging such pictures since they will infuse your space with negativity.

8. Abstract Art

Do you desire uncertainty in your life? You shouldn’t hang abstract art in your bedroom if you don’t. Paintings with baffling or ambiguous imagery can strain relationships between partners.

9. Portraits of Late Ancestors

Instead of hanging on the bedroom wall, the pooja room’s northeast wall should hold the portraits of deceased relatives. As godlike beings, ancestors should have a portrait in the space where you pray.

10. Pictures of Wild Animals

Even if you adore wild creatures, you shouldn’t display their photographs in your bedroom. Partners may become irate or dishonest as a result of these images or artworks.

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