Vaastu Tips: Check out which item should never finish in kitchen according to vastu

Vastu Tips: According to vastu shastra, the kitchen can help to improve your health, ensures the well-being of every member of the family and also helps pleasant energy permeate the entire home.

The economic health of the house is also significantly influenced by the kitchen. You must construct and install appliances by Vaastu principles. It is also been proven that the kitchen is an integral element of the home, which should be constructed by Vaastu principles. 

Check-out items should never be finished in the kitchen according to vaastu:

1. Flour

As per Vaastu, the flour in the kitchen should never finish. If it happened then there can be a lack of respect and money. It is also being said that if there is no flour then its container should not be shook off.

2. Rice

According to Vaastu, if the kitchen is full of rice then there will be prosperity in the house and money will stay with you. But, if you lack rice then there can be shukr dosh.

3. Salt

If there is no salt in the kitchen then there will be negativity in the house and cause problems among the family members.

4. Turmeric

It has been said that people should always keep turmeric in the kitchen. If they don’t do so then there will be guroo dosh which can bring a shortage of money.

5. Mustard oil

Mustard oil is connected with shani dev that’s why no one should lack this oil in the kitchen.

6. Water 

The kitchen has many components involving water. Your money and health are impacted by the position of water in the kitchen.

7. Matchbox

As per vaastu, people should never lack flame lighters because it brings positive energy into their home.


8. Gas cylinder

According to vastu, keep all cylinders upright and outside in a safe, well-ventilated location, whether they are full or empty because doing so will increase happiness and riches in the home.

9. Cardamom

Maintaining cardamom in your kitchen would help you get rid of any financial problems and keep you away from harmful influences.

10. Black pepper 

If there is a lack of black pepper in the kitchen, then you lose money, your health also does not remain good and the work being done starts getting spoiled.

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