UP Crime: Wife, her lover kill husband as he found couple in objectionable position

New Delhi: A woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut strangled her husband to death with the help of her lover after their relationship was exposed.

A few days earlier, the victim found the two in an objectionable position after which he threatened his wife to kill her. However, the relatives interrogated the lover who confessed the murder.

Lover was living with girl as her nephew 

The lover Rahul was living in the same house with her. The girl had introduced him as her nephew. However, the family members were suspicious of their relationship. Once the family member asked Rahul to leave which was not handled by the woman.

The woman then, made a scene and stopped Rahul to go. After which, nobody said a word to Rahul.

Married eight years ago

Anil, a resident of Kinanagar village of Bhavanpur police station, was married to Poonam eight years ago. Anil used to work as a laborer. Her elder brother Boby told that Poonam had kept Rahul, a resident of Amheda village in Ganganagar, with her as her nephew in a relationship.

Husband, wife and lover were in the house that day 

On December 26, Poonam started crying out loud after the locals and relatives gathered. She told everyone that Anil is dead. She said he came drunk last night and he was in a bad condition. After this, Anil’s dead body was cremated in the village.

Wife strangled, lover held hands and legs

Anil’s elder brother Bobby said that he and other relatives questioned Rahul and he confessed the murder. He told, Poonam strangled her, while he held Anil’s hands and legs.

Three days ago, Anil had seen both of them in an objectionable position. On Monday morning, Anil had threatened Poonam to kill her by January 5. When he reached home at night, Poonam and Rahul killed him.

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