THESE 9 countries give severe punishment for having sex before marriage

New Delhi: There are many countries in the world, where people are supposed to follow strict rules and regulations. Whether women have to go out of the house wearing hijab or they are banned from driving. But have you ever heard any rules regarding physical relations? Yes, there are many countries in the world where it is illegal to have physical relations before marriage. If found doing so, there are severe punishments which are given if someone commits this. These range from going to jail, whipping and even stoning. Let us tell you about 9 such countries of the world where sex before marriage is forbidden. And if found doing so, the consequences can be severe.


Qatar is an Islamic country. In such a situation, there is a provision of 1 year sentence, jail, whipping and stoning for having sex before marriage or having physical relations.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Yes, sex before marriage is also banned in UAE. It is necessary to have 4 witnesses to prove the charge and there is a practice of flogging if the charge is proved.


In Iran, if unmarried people make a relationship, they are given 100 lashes. Not only this, the couple is also pelted with stones.


Afghanistan’s laws have become even stricter and harsher after the Taliban took over. There is a provision of stoning the couple to death if they have sex before marriage.


According to Pakistan’s Hudud Ordinance, those accused of having sex before marriage can be sentenced to death. But in some common cases, a sentence of 5 years is also given.


Sex by unmarried people is outlawed in Somalia under Sharia law. Here in 2008, a woman had a relationship before marriage, after which so many stones were pelted on the woman that she died.


Sudan is also a country where Sharia law is followed. Here in 2012, a woman was lynched to death for having an affair before marriage.


Yes, even in the Philippines, there is a ban on having a physical relationship before marriage. This is not an Islamic country, but live-in relationship is considered a crime here.


Malaysia is also a country where it is wrong to have a relationship with unmarried people. On conviction, the accused can be fined up to ₹18,000 and jailed for up to 6 months.

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