Stanley Tucci Teaches You How to Make 10 Cocktails

On April 20, 2020 Stanley Tucci reinvented himself as a pandemic era zaddy with a simple at-home tutorial video on how to make a negroni.

Since that first humble Instagram post — attempting to ease the boredom in the early days of global lockdowns — Tucci has remained a fixture in the culture, occupying that rare space in the zeitgeist reserved for only the most elegant, finely dressed, and skillful among us: a true arbiter of taste.

Of course, his true appeal deals in fantasies not safe to discuss in most professional settings, including here.

The original that started it all:

The tutorial inspired such an aching thirst in its viewers in large part because of his seemingly effortless presentation — eliciting both lofty aspirations towards finer living and the aforementioned unmentionables.

Dressed immaculately in a polo shirt tucked tightly inside proper pants and a fine leather belt, all showcasing an envy-inducing trim and athletic torso, Tucci embodied an impossible dream — a life not ruled by sweatpants, dirty dishes and fast food delivery.

Tucci was either the pandemic partner we wished we had…or the one we aspired to be.

And now, over two years later he is still delivering content on how to drink better at home.

Here are 10 cocktail tutorials from Tucci:

Limoncello Cocktail

Gin Martini

Pisco Sour

Gin and Tonic

Amaro Rosa


Whiskey Mac



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