Shameful! 14-yr-old gives birth to child in Jharkhand, case registerd

New Delhi: A 14-year-old girl has given birth to a child in Jharkhand’s Simdega. The victim girl told that a person named Jairam Nayak, a resident of her village, forced her to have sex by threatening her, when the girl became pregnant, he left her and fled.

In fact, even before this, after getting information about the victim’s pregnancy, the relatives and the villagers held a meeting and pressurized the accused youth to marry a minor.

Since then, the youth has fled the village, while the relatives of the accused youth say that he has gone to another city to earn. On the other hand, when the parents of the minor girl came to know that their daughter has become pregnant, they stopped her from going to school for fear of public shame and made her sit at home.

Meanwhile, when the health of the pregnant girl’s brother deteriorated, she went to the hospital to see him. Meanwhile, when a female employee working in the hospital caught sight of a minor girl, she suspected that she was pregnant and the girl was anemic.

Child welfare committee and police are probing the case

During this, when the minor girl was examined, information about anemia was found. In such a situation, the girl was immediately admitted to the hospital and blood transfusion was started.

Meanwhile, the girl suffered labor pain and she gave birth to a son through normal delivery. Information about the 14-year-old minor girl becoming a mother was also given to the police and the Child Welfare Committee. As soon as the information was received, the Child Welfare Committee and the police team reached Sadar Hospital Simdega and started investigating the matter.

What is the matter?

This incident is from Simdega district. On the other hand, a person named Jai Ram Nayak, a resident of the village, made a forced relationship with the minor girl by threatening her. When the girl became pregnant and when he came to know about it, he left the village and ran away.

After this incident, the parents of the minor are not ready to file a complaint against the accused youth in the police station. The members of the Child Welfare Committee are continuously counseling the girl’s parents.

Tahrir has been given in the police station for registering a case against the accused youth by the Child Welfare Committee. However, no FIR has been registered against the accused youth. At the same time, information about the teenage girl getting pregnant and giving birth to a child has also been given to Dalsa by the Child Welfare Committee.

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