Saffron Tea: Easy-to-make Winter tea to tease your taste buds

Saffron Tea Recipe: By the time January comes, the winters climb to its peak. Many people drink tea to avoid cold, but do you know that saffron tea is very useful in case of excessive cold.

Saffron tea is considered very good in winter both in terms of taste and health, but some things should also be taken care of while drinking it. Let us tell you the method of making saffron tea and some tips that should be taken care of.

Saffron Tea Recipe: Ingredients

tea leaves


First of all, take about 7 pieces of saffron in hot water and keep it soaked.
On the other hand, keep the raisins soaked in a bowl as well.
Now take a tea pot and put water in it.
After the water starts boiling, add tea leaves and sugar.
Let it also boil and after boiling well, turn off the gas.
Now filter this tea and keep it aside.
After this, add chopped almonds, cardamom, soaked raisins and cinnamon powder to the same vessel and boil it.
Add soaked saffron and its water to it.
In this way saffron tea will be ready.
Keep these precautions regarding saffron tea
The effect of saffron is very hot, so do not consume much during the day. It is better to drink saffron tea 1 to 2 times a day. Apart from this, also keep in mind that it should be consumed only in extreme cold. Children should not be given this tea at all.

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