Only a minority involved in ragging - UGC Chairman

University Grants Commission Chairman Professor Sampath Amaratunga yesterday said that the university fraternity has started raising their voice against ragging within the university premises.

Prof.Amaratunga said that 95 per cent of university undergrads who are talented and enterprising are being controlled by the 5 per cent of students.

Speaking at an event held in Colombo yesterday, the UGC chairman said that these handful of students creating problems within universities with an objective of achieving political objectives. “We have faced a challenge of saving these 95 per cent of undergrads and ensure them a promising future”, Professor Amaratunga said.

When asked about the incidents that took place at the Pali and Buddhist University and its subsequent closure, Professor Amaratunga said that the university does not come under the UGC fold.

However, the UGC Chairman opined that the university should be re-opened after settling all the issues.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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