Nail Polish Side Effects: Read this before applying colourful nail paint, details here

Nail Paint Side Effects: From manicures to pedicures, makeup and many more, what girls do not do to enhance themselves and nail paint is one of them. Girls love to apply nail polish. One of her favourite things to do is to apply different coloured nail paints. 

But do you know what harm you do by applying these beautiful colourful nail polishes and what effect it has on your body? If you do not know, today we will tell you in this article that by applying nail paint, your body may face many problems.

Side effects of nail polish on body and health

There are many side effects of applying nail polish. When you apply them, the dangerous chemical present in them goes into your body through your eyes and mouth, which can make us very sick from the inside. 

These colourful beauty products and this paint contain a chemical called Formaldehyde, which is used for pasting products. Exposure to formaldehyde, in our body, can also lead to dangerous and serious diseases like itchy skin infections.

Disadvantages of applying them

The dangerous chemical present in nail polish, your body has a serious effect on the immune system, due to which your body can become weak.
The chemicals present in this can also cause disturbances in your stomach’s digestion and hormonal system.
Spirit is used to make this, which is very harmful to our lungs. Not only this but going inside the body of chemicals present in nail paint can also cause problems related to neuro, gut and breath.
Excessive use of nail polish can be very harmful to your nails. Actually, by applying them continuously, the nails become weak, and their natural shine also ends.
If the Toluene chemical present in them reaches your body in excessive amounts, then you can damage the liver and kidneys of women.

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