Muslim man converts religion to marry his Hindu lover in MP’s Mandsaur

Mandsaur: In Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district, a Muslim man changed his religion for the sake of his love, and now he has become Krishna Sanatani from officer Mansoori.

Afsar Mansoori, a resident of Kachnara village in the Nahargarh area of the district, is a driver by profession who fell in love with a girl named Radha.

The couple got married in a temple about five years ago. Afsar Mansoori lived separately from his family for many years, but he has faith in Hinduism. He also used to keep a fast on Tuesdays, and now he has decided to adopt Hinduism.

By law, Hinduism was adopted

Pandit Naresh Trivedi of Gayatri Pariwar officiated the entire ceremony where he adopte Sanatan Dharma. He was bathed with cow dung, cow urine, curd, milk, and honey. Along with this, cow urine and panchamrit were also given.

Not only this, he was dressed in eternal clothes. The chanting of mantras and havan was done. After this, he changed his name to Krishna Sanatani from Afsar Mansuri where he also performed Aarti.

Fell in love while caring for patients

Krishna Sanatani, who adopted Hinduism, said he used to take patients by vehicle to the camps set up in hospitals in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Sometimes he used to meet a young woman named Radha who was taking care of the patients.

Radha is a resident of Kayampur. Phone numbers were exchanged between the two through the introduction of patients.

Then the conversation started, and gradually, love grew. Then they decided to get married. Both had married five years ago in a temple, but now she has decided to convert to Hinduism.

Krishna Sanatani’s wife, Radha, says, “I didn’t consider him a Muslim, but a person is madly in love. A lover can do anything to get love; he has now converted to Hinduism.”

Have faith in Balaji

Chetan Singh Rajput, who helped in the conversion, says that Krishna told him that he worships and believes in Balaji. After that, the whole process of making Sanatan was explained, and he was made Sanatani by the Vedic method.

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