Maharashtra-Karnataka Border Issue: CM Shinde to take up matter in Assembly

Maharashtra-Karnataka Border Issue: Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis Tuesday informed that the state government will move a resolution in the Assembly over the border conflict with Karnataka. The Deputy CM hopes that the resolution will be passed by the majority.

“Today Chief Minister will move a resolution in the state assembly on the border dispute. I hope the resolution will be passed by the majority,” he said.

Fadnavis hit out at the former CM and Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) leader Uddhav Thackeray who had urged the the Centre to declare “the disputed areas” as a Union Territory during his tenure.

He said, “I was surprised that those who spoke yesterday, he did nothing for 2.5 years as CM. The border dispute did not start after our government came to power.” He added that the previous governments in the State is making the Eknath Shidne government responsible for the border dispute which is going on for years.

“It started with the creation of Maharashtra and the language-wise formation of provinces. It is going on for years. Since then, for years those who have governments are showing that the border dispute started after our government came. In this way, politics has never happened on the border dispute. We stood with the government every time because the question was of Marathi-speaking people,” said the Deputy Chief Minister.

He further urged other parties not to do politics on this.

“We never did politics on this issue and we hope that no one does politics on this. People of border areas should feel that entire Maharashtra is with them,” he added.

Earlier on Monday, Uddhav in the state Legislative Council said, “It is not just a case of language and border, but of ‘humanity’. Till the issue is pending before the Supreme Court, the Karnataka-occupied Maharashtra should be declared as a Union Territory by the central government.”

Uddhav further said that Marathi people residing in the border villages have faced “injustice”.

“Marathi-speaking people have been residing in the border villages for generations. Their daily life, language and lifestyle are Marathi. They do not understand Kannad,” he said speaking in the Upper House.

Hitting out at the Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, Uddhav said that he is showing any “calm” towards the matter.

Shiv Sena leader also stated that at the present, the states need to pass a resolution declaring “these areas” a union territory.

Notably, the border dispute between Maharashtra and Karnataka goes back to the implementation of the State Reorganization Act, of 1956. The then Maharashtra government had demanded the readjustment of its border with Karnataka.

Following this, a four-member committee was formed by both states.
The Maharashtra government had expressed willingness to transfer 260 predominantly Kannada-speaking villages, but the proposal was turned down by Karnataka.

Both governments later approached the Supreme Court to expedite the matter.

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