Kody Brown Thinks Ex-Wife Christine Has Been 'S--- Talking' Him So Other Men Don't See Her as 'Risky'

“Sister Wives” star Kody Brown has a theory as to why his now-ex Christine Brown has, as he sees it, put the blame on him for their marriage crumbling.

In a preview clip from this Sunday’s “Sister Wives: One on One” special (via PEOPLE), the polygamist revealed what he believes is really going on — saying he would have been fine with her decision to leave if she had simply said she was “not a fit” with them anymore and had to “move on.”

“But what she’s actually doing is, ‘Broke my baby’s heart, I don’t respect him.’ ‘Coward, I don’t respect him.’ ‘Picks favorites, I don’t respect him,'” he said, adding that she has “been s— talking me.”

“Breaking up a marriage when you’re not in love, I get it. But to assuage her guilt, she has blamed me for everything, including to her children and some of Janelle’s kids,” he then claimed. “And, as a result, combined with Covid issues, those relationships have been pulled away from me, including — and this is the one I don’t understand — Janelle.”

Christine announced her split from Kody in November 2021, after more than 25 years together. On the show this season, she said hearing him tell her he was no longer attracted to her was the catalyst for her leaving. She also took issue with him not being there for daughter Ysabel’s surgery to correct her scoliosis during the pandemic and told PEOPLE they had lost “that layer of love, and commitment, and trust.”

“But she’s trying to assuage her guilt by saying I’m a bad man,” Kody continued in the preview clip. “I get it, she needs to do that so she can find another man who will trust her. Because if she leaves a good man, most guys are gonna go, this is risky.”

He also accused Christine of “s— talking” Janelle and Meri for years and adding he was “mean” to them both, and Robyn.

“Me just venting to him is what he’s talking about, that I was mean to my sister wives, I think that’s ridiculous,” said Christine in response.

“I wasn’t mean to anybody. I didn’t know that I had been shunning Robyn like Meri said I had been doing,” she added, “I didn’t try to do anything like that. Maybe by not letting her in as much as she wanted.

See the full conversation play out when “Sister Wives: One on One” airs Sunday night on TLC.

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