Kitchen Tips: Try these useful hacks to clean utensils

Kitchen Tips: It can be difficult to clean your kitchen after having a gathering at home. However, what makes it even more challenging is seeing your kitchen sink piled high with greasy and oily dishes. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? These utensils need to be thoroughly cleaned, and any severe stains need to be removed since if you wait too long, they could become more difficult to remove.

Here, we provide you some simple instructions for cleaning greasy cookware with pantry staples. Look at them below:

Use Salt

Your greasy utensils should be soaked in warm water with a fair amount of salt for about an hour. Once finished, remove all of the grease using a scrubber. To remove the stains, you can also use a solution of salt and rubbing alcohol.

Rice Water

Oil stains can be eliminated with ease using rice water. Your oiled utensils should soak for 30 minutes in a big bowl of rice water. Clean the grease off with a scrape. Use hot water to wash, then pat dry.

Use Vegetable Oil

Did you know that you may remove oil stains with your regular cooking oil? Combine lemon juice, salt, and sugar with vegetable oil. This mixture should be applied to the greased objects. Once it has dried, scrub it off and give it a hot water wash.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is a natural bleach that works well to remove oil off kitchen equipment. Also, when combined with baking soda, lemon not only gets rid of extra oil but also makes the dishes sparkle.

Coconut Husk and Vinegar

Combine washing soap, vinegar, and baking soda. Mix well. Now let the coconut husk soak in this mixture. Then put the utensils in hot water and scrub them well with the coconut fibre that has been soaked. This will assist in removing the tough stains.

Hope these Kitchen tips will be helpful for you!

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