Killer sent the SMS!

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has found that the text message sent from Dinesh Schaffter’s mobile phone to Brian Thomas’s phone was sent from the Borella cemetery premises, after Schaffter became a victim of the killer.

It is believed that Schaffter’s killer had sent the message from Schaffter’s phone to Brian Thomas’s phone. Investigations conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department have revealed that the car in which Dinesh Schaffter travelled came directly to the Borella Public Cemetery from his home in Flower Road on the day he was murdered, last Thursday (15th).

Many surprising details have emerged into the murder of Janashakthi Director Dinesh Schaffter with many suspicious details are being revealed regarding this murder. A CID official said “the information is currently being verified and hinted that after the verification of details, many surprising details might emerge”.

Investigations conducted by the CID have revealed that the car in which Dinesh Schaffter travelled had directly entered the Borella Public Cemetery from his home in Flower Road on the day (15) he was murdered.

The CID investigators believe that Schaffter left home at around 2.06 pm and that this crime had taken place within half an hour of his departure.

From the time Dinesh Schaffter left his home, it has been found that his car had come directly to the Borella Public Cemetery. This is after perusing CCTV recordings in the route.

A senior CID official said that further investigations are being conducted on whether a person got into the car on the way or whether he went to the cemetery with the expectation of meeting someone.

When observing the location of the car entering the cemetery and stopping, it appears that someone who has a good understanding of the Borella Public Cemetery is involved in this crime, CID sources said.

The doubt has arisen because the text message was sent after 2.30 pm.Suspicions have arisen whether there was also an attempt to frame Brian Thomas for the murder.

Thomas had replied to the message noting that he had no intention of meeting Schaffter. Police sources revealed that the two phones have been taken into custody by the Criminal Investigation Department and forwarded to the Computer Forensic Laboratory.

Police Media Spokesperson, Senior Superintendent of Police Nihal Talduwa said that even the security camera system in Brian Thomas’ house has been investigated by the Criminal Investigation Department.

He said that so far no information has been revealed that Thomas left the house during the time of the murder or that he was involved in this crime.

Nihal Thalduwa said that statements have been obtained from 23 persons by the officers of the Organized Crime and Homicide Investigation Division of the Criminal Investigation Department, which is conducting the investigation into this murder.

Thalduwa said that among them are several members of Dinesh Schaffter’s family as well as several employees of Borella Cemetery. Talduwa also said that investigations are being carried out based on security cameras and phone analysis as well as eyewitness evidence.

Thalduwa said that as Dinesh Schaffter was a businessman as well as someone who had contacts with various fields, the investigations will cover all these aspects.

Thalduwa further said that investigations are currently underway based on scientific evidence as well as technical evidence and the hope of the police was to quickly conduct investigations and arrest the suspects.

A senior police officer said that on the day of the crime, Dinesh Schaffter had left home telling his wife that he was going to Borella.

Until the last rites of Dinesh Schaffter is over, the police have not made further inquiries about this death from the family. The official also said that since the last rites were done yesterday, they will start work on that aspect too from today.

Dinesh Schaffter’s wife had initially told the police that her husband left the house saying that he would be back in half an hour.

When exactly half an hour had passed, she made a phone call to her husband and when he did not respond, she had been upset. Criminal Investigation Department sources said she has to be questioned about whether there was any threat to her husband.

In the investigations, special attention has been paid to the fact that Dinesh Schaffter had given the facility of sharing his location through the phone to his business partner in addition to his wife.

Schaffter’s business associate, a company director, told the police that Dinesh Schaffter told him he was going to meet Brian Thomas. He is also the first to find Dinesh Schaffter.

Brian Thomas has told the police about the text message, that he received an invitation from Dinesh Schaffter about such a meeting through the text message received at or around 2.30 pm that day.

It has been found that the text message was sent from Dinesh Schaffter’s mobile phone to Brian Thomas’s phone was sent from near Borella cemetery.

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