Khaskhas Panjiri recipe: Prepare this delicacy to avail health benefits

Khaskhas Panjiri recipe: Poppy seeds (Khas Khas or Posto Dana) are considered very good for the health of our brains. In winter, the recipe made of this is eaten a lot. Apart from this, Panjiri Recipe is also consumed in large quantities. Winter Khakhas Recipe Poppy Panjiri is healthy as well as tasty. One spoonful of poppy seeds must be eaten daily during this season.

If you do not know how to make Posta Dana Panjiri or want to know how to make it quickly, then let us tell you the easy recipe for making Poppy Panjiri.

Khaskhas Panjiri Recipe: Ingredients

1 cup – Poppy seeds
1 cup – white sesame seeds
2 cups – wheat flour
200 grams – desi ghee
1 cup – Jaggery
1 cup – almonds
1 cup – raisins
1 cup- cashews
1 tsp – cardamom powder
1 cup – Melon seeds


First of all, cut dry fruits like almonds, cashews and raisins into small pieces in a plate or a bowl. After this, put a pan on the gas and put white sesame seeds in it and dry roast them in golden brown color. After roasting white sesame seeds in golden brown color, take them out in a bowl.

Now put desi ghee in the pan and heat it. After this, fry the finely chopped almonds and cashews as well. After this, you have to roast poppy seeds in ghee as well.

Put the pan again on the gas and add wheat flour to it and fry it golden. Now add roasted poppy seeds, white sesame seeds, fried dry fruits and melon seeds and fry them. After roasting for two minutes, grind the jaggery or break it into small pieces and cook it. Cook all the mixture till the jaggery melts. Add cardamom powder to it and mix it well.

In this way, delicious and nutritious poppy seed panjiri is ready. for a long time

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