Kaushambi: Female worker accuses department officer of sexual harassment, probe begins

Pankaj Chaudhary, Kaushambi: A startling instance has emerged from Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi area. In this case, a contract worker assigned to a government department has accused a department official of sexual harassment. Because the woman is a Prayagraj resident, she has filed a complaint with the Prayagraj police. According to police, the inquiry is ongoing. The case will be filed shortly.

Victim is resident of Prayagraj

The woman from Prayagraj works as a contract worker at a Provision Department centre in Kaushambi district. The woman went to Prayagraj’s women’s police station and complained about what happened to her. The woman said that an officer from Kaushambi’s provision department was harassing her. The officer is accused of sexually harassing her under the guise of an inspection. He comes into the office and performs indecent activities on her.

When the victim returns home, the accused sends her filthy messages on WhatsApp, according to the victim. Video calls are made as well. According to reports, a video of the officer molestation and obscenity is also becoming viral on social media. Although no such footage has been verified by News24.

‘Shoshan’ for last year

In the women’s police station, it was stated on behalf of the victim that her family’s financial situation is poor, so she is compelled to work. For the past year, the woman claims, the cop has been emotionally and physically abusing her.

Brijesh Srivastava, SP of Kaushambi district, on the other side, stated that the victim is being approached. As soon as communication is made, the case will be registered.

Apart from that, Prayagraj Police Commissioner Ramit Sharma stated that when complaints of any form of exploitation are received at any government office, no direct action is taken. The first case is being looked at. The case is currently being investigated by police.

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