JEE Main 2023: Check out what experts suggest for last month’s preparation plan

JEE Main 2023: The JEE Main 2023 exam dates have been released by the National Testing Agency (NTA). On January 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, and 31, the NTA JEE Main 2023 exam will be given, with session 2 taking place in April. 

It’s crucial to make the most of the upcoming month as the IIT JEE Main 2023 exam draws near. As a result, Ramesh Batlish, a FIITJEE expert, gives candidates a study strategy in the final month leading up to the JEE Main 2023.

Experts advise utilising the final month of preparation to consolidate one’s preparation by concentrating on quick revision, problem-solving, and improving one’s weakest preparation areas.

However, the following considerations must be made:

While studying, keep your attention on the task at hand and be optimistic.
Your success will be based on speed and accuracy. Therefore, improve your speed by using time management to complete mock examinations with JEE-level issues. Additionally, keep an eye out for your errors and strive to correct them in each test you take.
Solve prior year’s papers to get a sense of the difficulty of the questions. Improve your notions and pay attention to your weaker regions.
Follow a reputable source or sample papers on official websites for practice with numerical/integer-type questions.
Keep in mind that quality time is more important than just quantity. Therefore, after an hour or two of focused study, take a five to ten-minute break. When you stop, put your entire body at ease.
Keep your stress levels low. For physical and mental preparedness, five to six hours of sleep every night are essential, especially three to four days before the exam. Exercises for relaxation could aid in regaining your energy. Don’t spend the day sleeping too much.

Finally, take note that even an average student can pass the JEE if they have the proper “attitude” required for preparation.

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