Horrific! Lover arrives with flight, makes physical relation, then stabs 26 times with screwdriver

Raipur: In a horrifying case from Chhattisgarh’s Korba region, a girl was murdered by her lover with a screwdriver. The girl was stabbed 26 times in the neck, chest, and other portions of her body with a sharp weapon like a screwdriver, according to the brief postmortem report.

Shahbad Khan, the girl’s lover, is accused of murdering her. The police are looking for him. According to the authorities, Shahbad Khan flew from Gujarat to Korba to murder the girl Neel Kusum. He murdered the girl just because he suspected she was in love with someone else.

Girl fell in love with school bus conductor

Four police teams are searching for Shahbad, who has escaped. According to relatives, Neel Kusum attended Madanpur School from 9th to 12th grade (Kartala). The accused Shahbad, a Jashpur resident, worked as a bus conductor at the same school where she went every day. The two’s interaction became more intense, and a love affair developed.

Neel Kusum was preparing for additional studies while residing at home after finishing her schooling. Her father informed her that she needed to enrol in college this year, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she was unable to do so. As a result, she was preparing for entrance in 2023.

Shahbad doubted Kusum of illicit affair

Meanwhile, Neel Kusum’s conversation with her lover Shahbad became less frequent. Shahbad was employed with a firm in Gujarat during this time. When he tried to call the girl from there, her phone was frequently busy. As a result, Shahbad feared she was having an affair with another young man. In this regard, he had also vowed to kill Kusum multiple times.

Shahbad suspected Pathalgaon’s Ashish Kerketta of having an affair with Kusum. Ashish was a distant relative of Kusum’s who frequently visited her home.

Arrived in plane, stabbed 26 times

Shahbad intended to murder Neel Kusum because he suspected her of being unfaithful. He had flown from Gujarat to Korba in full preparedness for the murder of Kusum. He contacted Kusum after arriving.

Kusum invited him to her place on December 24th. Shahbad had a physical relationship with her here first, then attacked her in more than 26 places on her body with the screwdriver he had taken with him.

He had buried Kusum’s mouth with a pillow to keep her from shouting. Following the encounter, the accused turned off his phone and fled.

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