Honey Benefits: Control your Blood sugar and cholesterol with this gift of nature

Honey Benefits: Honey benefits our health and immune system in many ways. Consuming honey in winter gives relief from many infections including cold and flu. Along with this, your immunity is also strong. Most people believe that diabetes patients should not eat honey, because it is very sweet and there is a risk of increasing blood sugar. However, a new study has revealed surprising things about honey. It has been told that honey can also prove beneficial for patients with diabetes and high cholesterol.

Honey Benefits health

According to reports, honey may prove beneficial for cardiometabolic health. Honey can help reduce fasting glucose (fasting blood sugar level) and high cholesterol. Honey can also prove to be effective in protecting against fatty liver disease.

Include honey in the diet

Researchers say that if honey is included in the diet instead of sugar or other sweeteners, it will have many health benefits. Honey can be very beneficial especially for people who have up to 10% sugar in their diet.

Honey is healthy food

Researchers say that honey gives maximum cardio metabolic benefits. Honey contains about 80% sugar, yet it can be considered a healthy food. According to research, about 15% of honey is made up of dozens of rare sugars. This is the reason why honey has many psychological and metabolic advantages. It improves glucose response and reduces insulin resistance.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information only. Consult doctors for more details.

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