HNB strikes Gold and Silver at SLIM DIGIS 2.2

Sri Lanka’s most digitally–savvy bank HNB PLC recently took home the Gold Award for Best Search Engine Optimisation/Search Engine Marketing and the Silver for the Best Use of Experiential Digital Marketing at the SLIM DIGIs 2.2 Awards.

Hosted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the awards recognise the most innovative, impactful and unique marketing endeavours employing digital media in the country.

Commenting on the wins, HNB Head of Marketing, Upul Adikari said, “We have faced numerous unique challenges over the past three years as individuals and as a nation. Alongside these changes consumer behavior too has evolved dramatically, and we have had to take a step back to recalibrate, learn and understand this evolution in the digital sphere. Our strategy over the last year was to be in the right place with the right messages to fully leverage the organic traffic driven into our platforms and we are delighted to be recognized in these efforts at the SLIM DIGIs 2.2.”

The Gold award for Best SEO/SEM Campaign was presented for the Bank’s ‘Maximising Organic Traffic’ campaign. Under this category, HNB was adjudged on its ability to conduct comprehensive search campaigns encompassing elements of search engine optimisation and digital marketing.

The bank was also presented with a Silver Award for its innovative approach to experiential digital marketing, leveraging campaigns like the SOLO Experiential Drive with SOLO Pola and SOLO Podi Podi Business to raise awareness and engage customers with HNB’s digital innovations.

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