Ghaziabad: Subconcious woman finds herself naked in presnece of accused cop

New Delhi: A woman has registered a case against constable Akshay Mishra, who is the PRO of DCP Rural in Ghaziabad, under serious sections including rape, abortion, threats. As soon as the case was registered on the orders of the Commissioner of Police, DCP Gramin removed the PRO.

As per the victim, who is a poetess by profession, sacked PRO Akshay Mishra gave her tea laced with drugs after which she fell unconcious. Following which, the man assaulted the woman sexually and made an obsecene video of the girl.

The removed officer also threatened the woman to make the video viral if she exposes him. The two had a relationship for seven months.

Meanwhile, the poetess got pregnant and had an abortion. It is alleged that the policeman also pretended to marry her but later blocked her mobile number.

The first encounter took place near the Dasna barrier

The poetess was standing near the Dasna barrier in the month of April as she was returning to home. Meanwhile a policeman approached her asking about her personal details.

Two days after the number was shared, the phone call started again

Constable Akshay Mishra started talking to the woman over phone calls and started going to the flat on the pretext of drinking tea after becoming close to the poetess. On May 4, 2022, the accused went to his flat.

When the poet brought tea and went to the kitchen to have breakfast, the constable mixed drugs in her beverage. So she fainted after she took tea. She alleged that when she regained consciousness, she was naked on the bed and the policeman was also present there.

If she protested, the police threatened to make the video photo viral. When the poetess protested herself in a naked state, the police threatened to make her photo video viral.

By doing this, the policeman kept coming to her flat and raping her continuously till November. In the meantime, she became pregnant and he forced her to have an abortion by giving her drugs.

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