Friday, Saturday declared special Dengue control days

The Health Ministry has declared this Friday (30) and Saturday (31) as Special Dengue Control Days with the aim of controlling the spread of dengue in 2023.

A communique issued by the Health Ministry emphasizes that as of December 26, 2022, 75,434 suspected dengue cases have been reported in the country and this is more than double the number of dengue cases reported last year.

During the last four weeks, a rapid increase in the number of dengue cases has been observed throughout the country and it is said that nearly 200 to 300 cases are reported from hospitals every day. As this situation continues to develop, we are also facing a great risk of a large number of dengue cases being reported across the country in the month of January 2023. Therefore, taking immediate action to prevent the spread of dengue disease in the country as a leading role for all of us today, these two Dengue Prevention Days have been announced.

During those two days, everyone should look for places where mosquitoes can breed in and around their homes and offices and remove them. Heads of institutions should ensure that these activities are carried out successfully in their institutions.

As the new school term is scheduled to commence on January 2, 2023, the staff of all schools including the principal, parents of school children and voluntary organizations in the area must check the school premises and identify all places where mosquitoes can breed and remove them. Necessary guidance can be obtained from the Medical Officer of Health and Public Health Inspector in the above tasks. It has been emphasized here that everyone’s support to reduce the spread of dengue in 2023 is appreciated.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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