Five different stories with different casts Director Bhavesh Manglani is creating a storm on YouTube!

New Delhi: The young and talented Director Bhavesh Manglani of Hasley India Originals has come up with unique content and concept with his new show ”Side By Side” featuring five different stories in a single show. Isn’t it a fantastic concept for a story presentation? Well, the director is proud in putting forward the most-common issues of society that are not talked about openly. 

“We are in the 21st century, and still there are many societal issues that should be discussed openly, but society refuses to talk about them. I, being a director and a common man felt the need of putting forth issues like intercaste marriages, menstruation problems, and physical disabilities to name a few, in the form of different stories and convey an inspiring message to the audience. I feel blessed to enrich the youths of my audiences through the web series, Side By Side,” says the proud director Bhavesh Manglani.

About Side By Side

Let us tell you, the web series ”Side By Side” is unique in itself. The presentation, the cast, and the story concept need no introduction. The director successfully presented five different storylines with distinct star casts in a single show. The series would be the first ever show on YouTube to present five different stories with different star casts in a five-episode show. 

“We have maintained a perfect balance between the storyline, the concept and the uniqueness of the stories displayed and I am sure the audience will love it to the core,” added Bhavesh Manglani.

“The audience will adore the idea and be thrilled to see their favourite actors in a single program. Director Bhavesh Manglani continues, “Even though I’ve produced a variety of content in the past, I’ve always wanted to convey the actual meaning of unconditional love. Since we’re showcasing the reality and beauty of fundamental human nature, it was delightful to create nonrealistic, slightly filmic elements. I sincerely hope that what I have said will convey to you the meaning of unconditional love.” 

“Being a director, making this kind of content fills my spirit with great joy. There are a tons of storytellers who have presented love stories in movies, but my idea of love as an unconditional feeling is my favourite. I hope it touches people’s hearts!” Bhavesh continued. 

Bhavesh Manglani’s Success

He also played the lead role in his self-directed short film, “Hero,” which was based on the fight between police officers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Numerous fresh possibilities came his way as a result of his struggle, labour, and commitment to providing the public with original information. The opportunity to direct was a feather in the crown of Hasley India Originals, a well-known YouTube channel. His leadership captivated the hearts of millions, making him the global favourite.

His short-form web series Poles Apart Season 2 is currently airing and will follow soon. This series’ debut episode has received 1 billion views on YouTube. Additionally, in December, Hotstar cast “Dating College Junior,” one of his online series.

Talented and youthful director, Bhavesh Manglani, also said, “I want to make the entertainment business proud of my direction and provide unique content for the viewers and educate them about the societal issues that should be talked about openly.”

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