Finance companies need to file DC case to acquire vehicle - Circular

In a Circular issued by the Inspector General of Police, it is stated that if the owner of the vehicle objects to the acquisition of vehicles by leasing companies and finance companies, the companies should file a case in the District Court and take legal steps to acquire the vehicle.

It is also mentioned in the Circular that in case of any crime like vehicle theft, the Police should take legal action.

It also states that it has been reported that some police stations reject the complaints submitted by the owner about leasing or financial companies taking possession of vehicles or equipment and henceforth    such complaints should be accepted and proper investigation should be done and legal action should be taken if necessary.

It has also been stated that when leasing companies or their legally appointed representatives make a prior request, the police should intervene to maintain peace. However it is stated that police should not get involved in efforts at seizing vehicles or equipment.


by dailynews sri lanka

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