Eyes Problem: Caution! It is dangerous to scratch eyes, again & again, because of this reason

Eyes Problem: Burning in the eyes or redness is a common problem nowadays. Often people rub them vigorously to get relief from itchy eyes or when they become red. But rubbing, the eyes can prove to be dangerous for you. That’s why it is important to find out the cause of itching or burning in the eyes.

By the way, there can be many reasons for itching in the eyes. Allergies and pollution are a big reason. But frequent rubbing of the eyes can cause problems in the cornea, and it can become weak, due to which you may have keratoconus. Let us tell you that by rubbing the eyes, the cornea tissue starts getting weak. If the cornea deteriorates, then a transplant remains the only option. But you can use some natural remedies to avoid this problem. Let us know how to protect the eyes from these problems.

Wash with water in case of irritation

Itching in them occurs when you feel very tired or some particle goes into them. When you repeatedly scratch them to get relief. But if you have a habit of frequent itching in the eyes, then wash your eyes with cold water or use eye drops. This will give immense relief to them.

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Use aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is generally used for skin glowing. But to remove itching or redness of the eyes, aloe vera can prove to be very effective. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are found in it. Apply aloe vera gel around them with the help of cotton and after a while wash them with clean water.

Use milk

If there is a problem of excessive itching in them, then with the help of milk, you can get rid of this problem. Pour cold milk into them with the help of cotton and keep the cotton ball on them for some time. This will give you a lot of relief, and all the tiredness and irritation in them will go away.

Rose water is effective

Rose water is no less than any medicine not only for the face but also for them. Using rose water is considered very beneficial to reduce eye irritation. Put one drop of rose water in them at least once a day and apply rose water on them with the help of a cotton ball. You will see the result in a few days.

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