Ex-boyfriend’s heinous act took 2 lives, girl consumes poison after fiance dies by suicide

Lucknow: A heartbreaking event has emerged from Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Four days after her fiancé died by suicide, a 22-year-old girl took her own life by consuming poison.

Before taking her own life, the girl wrote a four-page suicide note. In it, she levelled severe claims against her ex-boyfriend and requested the death penalty. At the same time, the police have opened an investigation and arrested the suspected ex-boyfriend.

Both got engaged on December 8th

The event occurred in the Shahjahanpur district, according to the information. Durvesh, 24, and a young woman got engaged here on December 8. Following their engagement, they began communicating on the phone.

This is said to have irritated the girl’s ex-boyfriend. He dialled Durvesh’s number and threatened him. It was advised not to marry the girl. Not only that, but the accused also emailed the girl indecent images and videos.

Durvesh and later his fiance died by suicide

Durvesh took poison after being hurt by this incidence. When the family learned about the occurrence, there was an uproar. They filed a complaint against the defendant. However, following Durvesh’s suicide, his fiancee took her own life by ingesting poison.

According to reports, the teenager wrote a four-page suicide note before committing suicide. It is stated that she married Durvesh. What shall I do with my life when he has passed away? In addition, the previous boyfriend has been blamed for this.

23-year-old accused apprehended by police

The police have nabbed the suspects, according to Shahjahanpur SSP S Anand. Sandeep Kumar has been recognised as the accused. He has the age of 23. The SSP stated that he was hiding out at a relative’s home in Shahjahanpur.

Sandeep was charged with abetment of suicide under IPC section 306, and he was sentenced to prison. The SSP stated that the statements of Durvesh and his fiancee’s family members will be recorded. In addition, images and films are being gathered to bolster the case.

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