Essential Oils for Winter Skincare: Know usage, types, benefits

New Delhi: Essential oils are potent plant extracts that retain the flavour and essence, or essence, of the original plant from which they were derived.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to cure physical and mental problems. It is not a new fad. In essence, certain scents can aid in reducing inflammation and other signs of physical and mental health issues. For your health and wellbeing, the potent essential oils from priceless flowers have incredible benefits.

Here is a simple fix for all your mood swings. Which oil to use for which mood is confusing to you? If you’re struggling to get through the day, here is a list of essential oils for each mood that will improve your disposition.

Aroma: Orange

Orange in particular is a great option because it has a stimulating aroma that will awaken your senses and mind. Orange scents are most effective in boosting energy and mood.

Blended with: Peppermint oil


take a drop of orange essential oil on the palm
rub your palm in a circular motion and give a good mix
inhale deeply at regular intervals
a perfect antidote to the mid-noon droop

Aroma: Lavender

Lavender essential oil is a relaxing sleep oil that promotes restful sleep. Lavender essential oil is the best choice if you want to calm down and are in a bad mood.

This oil has many calming and unwinding qualities.

Blended with: bergamot


take a drop of lavender oil
apply it to the abdomen
this promotes a relaxed mood

Aroma: Sandalwood

Focus and concentration are aided by sandalwood oil. By elevating mood, it not only eases tension in the muscles but also calms anxiety. Sandalwood’s softly woodsy scent could transport you on a trip down memory lane and remind you of your childhood days spent playing outside.

Blended with: Frankincense


blend sandalwood essential oil with frankincense
this will produce a harmonious smell
inhale and see the magic

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