Ella gets ready for the festive season in style with the “Ella Street Food Fiesta”

Going parallel with the Christmas & New Year celebrations prevailing in the country, the Uva province Tourism Ministry in collaboration with the Ella Pradeshiya Sabha,has made all arrangements to host an exclusive treat for the Christmas &New Year season for locals as well as tourists , who are visiting the country for the winter season. The ‘’Ella Street Food Fiesta 2022’’ will take place from 27th -30th of Dec ember 2022, including a wide variety activities fun & entertainment activities along with Food & Beverage stalls, Art & Craft, Textile & Clothing, Cultural performances, Live Music, DJ Music, Kids games and so much more. This will be a novel experience to residents in Ella area as well as both local and foreign tourists who come to visit the location. In addition to providing entertainment, the event will also provide a unique experience for the participants to enhance their perspectives of the world, and to support the growth of companies in the region, as well as gaining more local and international attention towards the area. Ella is known as an important Tourism Hub due to its breathtaking view and the famous nine arches bridge which has captured international recognition.

The event will start from 6.30 pm onwards at the Ella Railway station, which will be an interesting location and provide a new experience to the visitors.


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