Driving in fog: THESE safe driving tips you need to know

New Delhi: Winter season is going on and fog has also started falling. There is still more to increase in this. Due to which you will have to face a lot of difficulty in driving the car. But if you make proper use of some of the features given in the car, then you will get a lot of ease in driving.

Fog lamp

The biggest problem in driving a car in fog is when the road is not visible properly. In such a situation, many people drive their car with high beam light on. Which is absolutely wrong. In such a condition, you should turn on the fog lamp and if it is not there, then keep the head light on low beam.

Clean windshield

The second biggest problem while driving a car in fog is the accumulation of steam on the windshield of the car. Due to which the path is not visible properly. For this you can use AC or blower, but for this adjust the fan on the windshield.

Defrost vent

While driving in fog, the dew falling on the side mirrors makes it difficult to see the vehicles coming from behind. That’s why the cars in which the facility of defogger is available. It is better to use it in them. So that even through the rear view mirror, you can keep an eye on the vehicles coming from behind.

Use wiper

Sometimes the fog is so much that small drops are falling like a shower. In such a situation, you can use wiper as per requirement. This will keep the windshield clear.

Use of hazard lights

It should be used in such a condition of fog, when it is difficult to drive the car even after adopting all your methods. So that the rest of the vehicles can understand your position and you also keep proper distance from others or if you have to stop on the road for any reason, then definitely use it.

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