Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha: Film’s starcast reached Delhi for promotions

Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha: The star cast of the upcoming movie Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha reached Delhi for the film’s promotion. The movie directed by actor and co-director Abhay Pratap Singh, is scheduled to release on December 30, 2022.

Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha, one of the funniest and most anticipated movies of 2022, is ready to make you laugh. At a lavish event held in Mumbai, the movie’s trailer was unveiled to considerable fanfare on December 12.

During the Delhi promotions, Director Abhay Pratap Singh referred to it as a fantastic drama comedy movie at the press conference. More than 22 TV series, including Chidiyaghar and Lapataganj, were created by Abhay Pratap Singh.

Actor Akhilendra Mishra, who came into limelight by playing the role of Krur Singh in Chandrakanta serial, “Audience will definitely watch this film of mine. The film will tickle the funny bone of the audience and will also give a meaningful message. My character in the film is that of a father. Every character is very special.” He was present in the press conference for his upcoming film ‘Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha’ at PVR Plaza in the capital on Friday.

Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha will be released in 352 cinemas across the nation, according to the film’s producer Jaya Chheda.

The principal parts are played by actors Dhruv Chheda, Akhilendra Mishra, Harshita Panwar, Ishtiaq Khan, and Ehsaan Khan. Abhay Pratap Singh, who is also the film’s director, also appears in it. Shahjahan Sheikh is the film’s music composer (Sagar). Abhay Pratap Singh wrote the lyrics.

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