Cyber Crime Alert: DO NOT pick WhatsApp video call from unknown numbers

New Delhi: Today’s era is the era of technology and everything has become easy with the help of internet. But this internet has brought some disadvantages along with advantages. Yes, cybercrime has taken birth with the help of internet. It is often heard that money is being demanded from people with fake IDs on Facebook.

Now a new fraud is coming to the fore, in which people are being duped for WhatsApp calls. If you also get a WhatsApp call from an unknown number, do not pick it up, otherwise you will also have to repent. Yes, people get video calls on WhatsApp from unknown numbers and then they are being trapped by showing nude videos.

Let us tell you that in such a situation, it seems that the girl is calling naked from the front, but in such a situation a video is shown and then that video is captured. This type of blackmailing is being led from a village in Rajasthan. Yes, Gothri Guru village in Alwar, Rajasthan has become the center of this type of crime.

Blackmailing through WhatsApp video call:

First of all, people get video calls from unknown numbers and then they are shown obscene videos. People think that the girl is talking nude, which is a video played. In the midst of all this, videos of people are recorded and edited and converted into pornographic videos. Then money is looted from the people. Later, threats are made through phone and message that if the money is not given then this video will be made viral.

How to Avoid:

If you want to avoid this type of fraud, then you have to keep in mind that even by mistake, if a call comes from a number that you do not know, then do not pick it up. The more you ignore such calls, the better.

What is the matter:

Some vicious youths of Gothri Guru village of Alwar have indulged in this act and are looting the people. Let us tell you that due to this type of video, a 19 year old youth from Pune committed suicide. In fact, he was getting constant threats. Pune Police, while taking action in this case, arrested a 29-year-old youth from Rajasthan.

This young man has been arrested in the crime related to pornographic videos. A few days before committing suicide, the youth had given up to Rs 4.5 thousand to the fraudster. But due to continuous blackmailing, the young man was forced to take his own life. Anwar, the mastermind of this heinous crime, has also been arrested. The police is on the lookout for more people involved in such crimes.

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