Christmas Plum Cake: Make this festive-special recipe with easy steps

Christmas Plum Cake: The cake is one of everyone’s favorites. To express their happiness, people like to cut, feed and eat cakes. It cannot happen that there is no cake on the occasion of Christmas Celebration Ideas. Cake cutting is specially done on this day. Many people prefer to make cakes at their home whereas, others prefer to buy them.

Today we have brought a cake for you named Christmas Plum Cake Recipe. Fruits and dry fruits will be required to make it. You will not need plums to make this cake. You will be able to make dry fruit cake like dried berries and raisins, and almonds.

To make the occasion of Christmas 2022 more special this year, prepare Cake Recipe at home. From children to elders, they will also like it a lot. Let us tell you an easy recipe for making a plum cake.

Christmas Plum Cake: Ingredients

Flour (2 cups)
eggs (6)
Butter (1 cup)
Sugar (1 1/2 cups)
Vanilla essence (2 tsp)
Almonds (125 grams sliced)
Mix Dry Fruit – Raisins, Candied Peel and Cherries (2 1/2)
Round Cake Tin (8 Inch)


First of all take almonds and fruits and mix it with 2 tbsp all purpose flour and keep it aside. After this, you have to mix eggs, sugar, vanilla essence and butter together. After mixing it in flour, add fruit mixer to it. In this way the batter of the cake will be ready.

Now you have to spread it by putting it in the baking tin. After this, keep it in the preheat oven for about 40 minutes to make the cake. Now take it out of the oven and keep it to cool down. After this you can serve it by decorating it.

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