Christine and Kody Brown's Daughter Admits She Doesn't 'Really Like' Sister Wife Robyn 'as a Person'

Christine and Kody Brown’s 21-year-old daughter Gwendlyn just launched a new YouTube channel on which she shares her unfiltered reactions to the most recent season of “Sister Wives” … and her first video was filled with some family tea.

Gwendlyn explained she hoped to bring her unique perspective into the show and everyone on it to her videos, adding that her POV differs from her family because she’s “not really part of the FLDS community anymore” and is both queer and autistic.

She’s one of Kody’s 18 children total and six with Christine, who announced in 2021 she was leaving him after 25 years together. The episode in which Christine told Kody about her decision was the one Gwendlyn decided to highlight in her first video.

“That was a really hard conversation to watch,” she said of the tense exchange where Christine made it clear she was out. She then revealed what went through her own head when her mom also informed her of her decision to split from Kody and move from Flagstaff, Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah.

“I was like, ‘You’re leaving? Good for you!’ She told me she was moving and divorcing my father at the same time, so I was all hype for her,” she shared. “Obviously, I love her and obviously, I visit her all the time, but she was going home and I was happy for her. And I didn’t really love the relationship that they had. And she’s doing really great now.”

“Inside I was like freaking out, ‘This is amazing, this is good for her,'” she also recalled. “She’s finally gonna be — not free because she wasn’t really trapped — but free is the best word I can honestly use. I was so happy for her. It was sad to see her stuck in Flagstaff where she wasn’t thriving as I would have hoped she would be.”

Even after the move, Gwendyln said she still sees her mother more than her father.

After watching the episode, she also responded to some burning questions from fans … where the real gossip started to flow. One of her followers wondered if watching the show has made her feel differently about her father or Robyn.

“I feel less about Robyn from watching this, but I feel like that’s not very fair from me because I don’t really like her as a person,” she said, as the words “stepmothers and all” popped up on screen. “So it’s probably not a completely valid response. But watching her makes me like her less, for sure.”

She added that she did reach out to Robyn to wish her a Happy Birthday, but never got a similar message in return. That being said, she also added that, at a recent family event, Robyn “did specifically go up to my girlfriend and introduce herself and Beatrice does say she was kind and sweet, so I appreciate her at least making some sort of an attempt to reach out.”

A few people wondered whether Kody and Robyn haven’t been on social media lately because they’re “aware of how they’re being perceived” by viewers and know a lot of them aren’t on their side when it comes to everything going down in the family.

“I’d say they probably are aware of how they’re being perceived, which is probably why they stopped being so active on social media with all the hate,” she said, adding they could also just be off social media because they’re busy as parents. “They probably know at this point nobody’s really on their side, but I think they’re just living their life and don’t even care what the viewers think about them specifically in relation to the family.”

When another person asked whether she thought the “hate” sister wife Meri receives was “fair,” she defended her. “I really just don’t think that the hate is justified,” she responded, “She seems like she’s just kind of minding her business and trying to enjoy her life.”

She also addressed her relationship with her dad, after one fan asked whether she believes Kody might see his mistakes with his children on the show and try to form “better relationships” with them going forward.

“He’s not actively reaching out to us. I’ve had to reach out to him and ask when he’s available,” she said, before adding, “but he has been working on it and I think he is getting better and with time he’ll get better.”

“Sister Wives” airs Sundays on TLC.

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