Check out 7 important Vastu tips for factory

Vastu: The main objective of every business is to make money. Vastu dosha may be to blame if this objective is not achieved in some way or if the business is experiencing significant losses. By using Vastu for factories to discover issues, this dosha can be gotten rid of. On-site issues can be resolved by first evaluating them and then rectifying them using certain invasive reforms. It has been discovered that proper vastu for factories encourages strength, stability, and progress in the workplace.

The location on which a factory is built is a crucial element in determining how well it operates. On the other hand, a full vastu for factory layout covers the positioning and orientation of equipment, administrative spaces, kitchens, stairs, offices, and so on.

Here are 7 important Vastu tips for factory: 

1. Slope of Land for Factory Layout According to Vastu

If the industrial site is sloped, the north or northeast is thought to be the ideal location for construction according to Vastu for factories rules. This is due to the magnetic field of the Earth moving in a southward direction from the northeast. For the rainwater to flow properly, the industrial shed should slope northward or eastward.

2. Electrical and heating controls inside the factory

Transformers, control panels, and generators are necessary components of every industrial unit. Their positioning, according to Vastu, has a significant impact on the factory’s efficiency. The fire element in manufacturing is represented by electrical equipment. A chemical factory’s boilers count as a fire element. When planning a factory layout using Vastu principles, their placement should be in the South or South-East fire zone. However, the northwest corner of the factory shed is where a generator should be placed.

3. Vastu for Machine in Factory

The positioning and orientation of machinery have a significant impact on how well the sector operates. It’s a frequent misperception that the southwest corner of the shed should be used to house all machinery. This is assumed that the machinery, which must be the heaviest, is put there since the corner must be hefty. This is a myth, though, as every business has varied machinery requirements. The purpose and activity of the machine, rather than its weight, defines its place, according to Vastu for the factory layout.

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4. Factory Office Vastu

Vastu states that having an office in the west provides wealth, gain, and profit, whilst having an office in the south might bring reputation, and name, and assist the person in obtaining an authoritative position in the factory. The factory’s labour quarters should be located in the factory shed’s southeast corner. The ferocious energy of this direction will inspire the labour to do better. The industry’s technical workers should be housed in cabins facing southwest. This will guarantee that technical staff employees regularly maintain and improve their abilities.

5. Positioning of Goods and Raw Materials

The positioning of other items and raw resources is similarly crucial. These parts are crucial since the factory depends on them to function. The greatest location for them is on the shed’s western side. However, the optimal placement direction would be north or northeast if the raw materials contain a lot of liquid things. The northwest proves to be the ideal placement direction for finished goods.

6. Parking Space, Kitchen, and Pantry Vastu

Parking spots should be divided into categories for heavy and light vehicles by Vastu for factory regulations. Ideally, heavy trucks should be parked outside the factory. They should be positioned in the South or South West if there is ever a need to instal them inside the production area. Parking for scooters and other lightweight vehicles should be done to the northwest. Parking should therefore be avoided on the northeast side.

The factory’s kitchen or pantry needs to be positioned in the optimal way for the fire element to be properly balanced. Because of this, according to Vastu for factory layout, kitchen placement in the south or southeast is ideal.

7. Factory Vastu Colors

Colors like beige, off-white, and grey give manufacturing a professional feel. Rich, muted tones of dark blue are also highly appropriate, according to the Vastu for factory shastra. The walls of the industrial shed have a cerulean or navy blue colour that gives them an industrial air. 

Different brown hues, such as walnut or chocolate, can provide industrial offices with a cosy atmosphere. Darker hues like black or teal can also be used to give the office a more upscale appearance. Visitors like investors are made to understand the importance of the work being done within the workplace.

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