Casino Business (Regulation) Act passed subjected to strict conditions - Dr. Harsha

The Chairman of the Committee on Finance, MP Dr. Harsha De Silva stated yesterday (08) that the Casino Business (Regulation) Act was passed subjected to strict conditions.

Dr. Harsha De Silva said that the Finance Committee approved the Act based on the Government’s need and the promise to establish an institution to regulate casinos by September 2023.

Dr. Harsha de Silva said that the Finance Committee has received a written document stating that a Casino Regulatory Agency will be established by September 30 of next year.

He noted that the promise should be fulfilled. He also said that since Parliament has the financial power under Article 148, there should not be any hindrance not to do so as promised.“We passed this bill on strict terms. We don’t agree to give licenses to casinos without a regulatory body. We are strongly against it. They said they want time until 2024. We rejected it.

The Finance Committee has given this approval based on the Government’s requirement to create an institution to regulate casinos in this country by September 2023. We continue to monitor them every month. This promise should be fulfilled in the same way.

Parliament has the power under Article 148, and according to that power, we have obtained a document from them with signatures,” Dr. de Silva noted.




by Daily News Sri Lanka

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