Auto tips: Here’s how to protect a motorcycle from theft, details inside

New Delhi: By the way, any item can be stolen anytime, because some thieves keep roaming everywhere in the society. But at this time the theft of two wheelers has become very common. Because it is very easy to steal them and run away with them quickly. We come across many such incidents day in and day out and despite efforts, getting back the stolen bike is almost nil. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to save your bike from thieves, because thieves are adept at breaking all kinds of locks. Your bike should never be stolen, so today we are going to tell you about a device that can make your bike safe from thieves.

What is this device?

There are many thief guards for bikes available in the market. It is an electronic device that can be installed in the circuit of the bike. After applying this, if these thieves do any tampering with your motorcycle, then this alarm will start making very loud noise and you or the people around you will be alerted and this alarm will keep ringing till you stop it from your remote.

How does it work?

On purchasing this device, you get an alarm system, a buzzer, a remote and a key remote. After installing it, you just have to lock the bike with the remote given while leaving it, after that if anyone tries to tamper with your bike, then this alarm will start ringing. Its buzzer makes loud sound more than 100dB. Due to which people can be careful for a long time.

How much is the cost of this device?

You can buy this device from the local market or online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon. Its price is usually between Rs.1000 to Rs.1500. You can get it installed by any bike mechanic. Features like button ignition and vehicle locator are also available in this device.

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