Akurana deluge losses top Rs.3000 mn - Traders

The business community has informed the Akurana Divisional Secretary that they have incurred a loss of more than Rs.3000 million due to the recent flooding as a result of Pinga Oya overflowing with heavy rains lashing the area. 

The Akurana town was submerged due to heavy rains on Sunday and in some locations water levels rose over 10 feet.

Akurana Divisional Secretary Indika Abeysinghe said that 340 homes and business outlets have been damaged in an area ranging from Ambethanna to Akurana seventh mile post. She said five teams have been deployed by the government to estimate the financial loss incurred by the commercial places and houses damaged by the floods.

Abeysinghe also said that it has been identified that the Polgolla Reservoir and Pinga Oya are full of silt and this is a major reason for the overflowing of the streams coming through Pinga Oya and that a programme should be implemented to remove this silt as soon as possible.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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