Will Ferell Cradles Audience Member Like a 'Baby Bengal Tiger' During Fallon Interview

Will Ferrell’s latest interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” took an unexpected turn when an audience member sat on his lap.

The “Elf” actor was there to promote his new holiday movie on AppleTV+, “Spirited,” however, a significant portion of the interview became dedicated to an audience member pretending to be a baby Bengal tiger.

The topic of animals came up when Ferrell made reference to Justin Bieber, and an audience member screamed out, “Slay!” Ferrell mistakenly heard the sound a sheep makes, “Baah.” He asked Fallon, “Is that a thing? When you say ‘Justin Bieber,’ people go ‘Baah’?” Fallon joked that his guest heard an actual sheep because as of 2022 “The Tonight Show” brings livestock into the studio audience.

Both comedians prompted the audience members to make animal noises, until Ferrell asked “Are there any baby Bengal tigers?” Fallon then claimed to have heard one. Ferrell joked “I wish we could hold that baby Bengal,” before Fallon proceeded into the audience, and grabbed a member from the first row. He brought him on to stage, and had him sit on Ferrell’s lap: “Want to sit on his lap? Sit on his lap, I guess,” while situating the “tiger” on Will’s lap.

The audience member perfectly played along with the bit for the next several minutes pretending to hiss and quietly rawr. He even batted at a pen Ferrell grabbed from Fallon’s desk, similar to how a cat would as “The Step Brothers” star explained this is how they learned to hunt.

Ferrell claimed the “3 month old tiger” was a pet who travels with him everywhere. The bit went on reaching new heights of hilarity when the baby Bengal began speaking in a “German” accent.

Watch what turned into pure comedy gold in the video above!

For those questioning how spontaneous the whole situation actually was, Fallon took to Twitter to explain it was completely unscripted.

“For those of you watching the show tonight – the audience member that Will Ferrell turns into a Bengal tiger is not a ‘plant’ it’s just Will’s genius brain moving 90 mph. Thank you to our fans from Austria.”

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